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Kevin Nelson PhD ND DC


1992 Doctor of Chiropractic

2013 Naturorthopathic Doctor                                                                                                Means the right way to treat pathology via natural methods

2013 PhD in Holistic Nutrition

2014 Ordained Christian Holistic Health and Healing Minister

Bio__element23.JPGKevin Nelson PhD ND DC has been a leader in the Nutritional and Natural Healing for over 21 years. Dr Nelson is a gatherer of information attending seminars in almost every major city in the USA. Commonly he is referred to as a janitor cleaning up patients messes they have accumulated.

While most healthcare practitioners ask a machine what is wrong with the body, Dr Nelson is considered a master at ‘Asking’ your body what is wrong and what it needs to be healed. Machines can give you a diagnosis but can’t tell you ‘Why’ the health problem is present. He developed his Body Stress Assessment test from his knowledge of quantum physics. The Body Alignment techniques are second to none incorporating skeletal alignment with muscle alignment. Both of his Nutrition and Body Alignment techniques are designed to equal 1 +1 =3 as well as:

  • Figure out ‘why’ the health problem is present
  • Prevent future problems
  • Saving you both Time and Money
  • Lead you to a better quality of Life

Here in the USA we supposedly have the best Dr’s, hospitals, and technology. If that were true, then we would be the healthiest nation on earth. We are FAR from that. Healing the body, as described in Dr Nelson’s book, ‘Are You Receiving Crack-in-the-Wall Healthcare,’  (to be released in the near future) is getting the Health Stressors (Heavy Metal, Chemicals, Food Sensitivities, Immune challenges, Scars, Buried Emotions, and others) out of the body, Increasing the foundations (Food, Sleep, Water, Oxygen, and Body Alignment), and giving the body time to heal. To regain and maintain your health these days one must think outside the box so you can crawl out of the box (get healed).


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