We are more than a great place to workout

We ARE NW Minnesota's Wellness Center

Regain and Maintain your health with us

Never Forget...
Without Heath - One can do Nothing...

Please watch the video below.
 This is EXACTLY  what is happening in the healthcare system today!!

You can have Results or Excuses...
Not Both


People with Health Problems

Apply here:
I would like to offer you to participate in the greatest investment ever – YOU!!
There is no better investment than investing in you!!
We are way more than a gym..


Advanced Nutrition
Advanced Body Alignment
Body Purification Techniques
Nutrition Classes
Many types of Fitness

As well as HOPE for your Health Condition

Name one thing you can do and enjoy without Health? Only YOU can decide how healthy or pain free you want to be!! We think outside the Box so you can climb out of the box!!


We may be able to help you regardless of what your
health concern is or what you have been told!!

​Whatever moves whether it's Dead or Alive requires... Maintenance

If you don't maintain your body it's not IF but WHEN health problems arise...

If you don’t make time for your body today
Don’t be surprised if your body doesn’t make time for you tomorrow

These principles are based on Dr Nelson's book
'Are you receiving Crack in the Wall Healthcare'
To be released Summer 2013

We are the Healthcare Model of the Future – Here Today

Having Good Health or Bad Health is a choice…
It can’t be obtained by a visit here and a visit there

Health must be maintained at all times

How does one regain their health?

We use this simple formula

It is so powerful but very few know of it…

1) Get the Health Stressors out of you

Heavy Metals
Food Sensitivities
Immune challenges
Buried Emotions
Often these are the missing link to regaining one’s health

How can our office find these Health Stressors in you?
Body Stress Assessment and Nano SRT

2) Increase your body's Foundations

(Food – Sleep – Water – Air – Body Alignment)

3) Give it TIME
Microwave and Drive-Thru healthcare doesn't work


How can our office increase your Body’s Foundations?


Food is nothing more than replacement parts for your body
All organs, glands, tissues, joints, cells etc. must be fed

Feed your body good replacement parts = a body that functions properly
= no health problems

Feed your body bad replacement parts = a body that malfunctions
= health problems

Our Body Stress Assessment test can identify what
replacement parts your body needs to regain health


Can’t go to sleep or wake up at night?
The Body Stress Assessment and the Nano SRT are
excellent tests to identify sleeping disturbances


Both your body and a plant will wilt without water
The Body Stress Assessment can determine if and why one is dehydrated


The greatest way to increase your body’s oxygen is to exercise
– especially Functional Fitness
We offer gym memberships as low as $33/month

Body Alignment

Bad Body Alignment creates an imbalance between your body and gravity. 
90% of the population has these imbalance and most don’t know it.

This imbalance can affect ALL joints as well as create
decreased nerve flow to organs/glands.

  We take digital photographs of people to show them their own body alignment.

All Health Stressors and Body Foundations are described
in great depth in Dr. Nelson’s book...
‘Are you receiving Crack in the Wall Healthcare?’
Don’t put off tomorrow what your body needs today!!

Anything that moves whether it’s Dead or Alive requires Maintenance

Let us:
Provide your maintenance to regain your health
Provide your maintenance to keep you well

Any questions - just ask - we are here for you!!

Kevin Nelson PhD ND DC
Chris Ellefson Nelson LPN
1 Body Health and Fitness
105 International Dr Suite 121
Red Lake Falls, MN 56750

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Regain and Maintain your health with us

After all:

There's not one thing you can do and enjoy without good health..


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